urban grower. marine ecologist. scuba diver. drone pilot.


I am an ecologist by training and my Ph.D. & post-doc research focused on mechanisms. I adopted the use of trait-based approach, competition theories, and mathematical modelling to describe the diversity of organisms in marine ecosystems.


I transitioned from the academia to the startup world & entrepreneurship. I'm excited to bring forward my skills as a scientific researcher to propel the sustainable agriculture movement, and to develop nature-inspired solutions to reshape the way we treat wastes. I am particularly interested in the concept of symbiosis in cities, especially on nutrient circularity to increase the recovery of nutrients from various organic residual streams.


I am currently working in an urban farm in Hong Kong, Common Farms. I focus on the utilisation of data and technology to communicate with the plants we grow, in order to provide the best environment for them to thrive. I am spearheading the development of data-driven & science-based solutions in the production & operation flow of the farm. I am especially keen to explore the possibility of maintaining a high diversity of crops (as oppose to monocropping), as to test the the diversity–productivity and diversity–sustainability hypotheses in modern farms.

rooftop farm in Chile

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