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"hey we are hiring, do you know anyone with a scuba diving license?"

"not at the moment, but I'm sure there will be one soon."

that's how I got certified and started from zero to over 10,000 min bottom time in my first year at SWIMS, learning all the skills as a research diver - laying (straight) transects, catching & measuring hundreds of urchins (without getting too much spines in my fingers, or head), taking photoquadrats (still hands and good lighting), dragging tanks and bags to vacuum underwater (peak buoyancy control), cold water diving (conservation of body liquid), etc... to conclude, it was SO MUCH FUN and thanks Dr. Clément Dumont & team for the opportunity :)

under the pier
underwater vacuuming
good catch
setting up underwater cages
shore dive
sea cucumbers
a cold winter dive
overnight on junk
catching shrimps
diadema spine
catching juvenile fishes
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